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Los Angeles, CA (January 1, 2018) – StoneCalibre is pleased to announce the formation of Calibre Scientific, Inc., a Delaware holding company, which will be a consolidation vehicle in the healthcare life sciences industry under the leadership of Ben Travis as its Chief Executive Officer.  As part of the Company’s formation, StoneCalibre contributed the six life sciences acquisitions it has made over the last four years that, today, collectively represent a diversified portfolio in the life science tools and diagnostics sector.

“This represents the crystallization of a strategy that we embarked upon starting with the acquisition of Anatrace in late 2013,” said Brian Wall, Founder and CEO of StoneCalibre.  “We have a long-term view on building a company that can be a leading global provider of life science products and services to scientists and researchers all over the world.”

For more information, visit www.calibrescientific.com, or contact Matthew Lorence, SVP, Marketing, mclorence@calibrescientific.com.